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Currently every run feels the same:

Get a rifle, ammo, hatchet, knife - be set for life.

I would like it if these tools were more rare and versatile.

Example - the Hatchet Run:

You only manage to find a hatchet.

You can chop wood, of course.

You have trouble harvesting meat, even more trouble harvesting leather/skin.

Little chance to get some guts succesfully.

Opening cans without spilling half of it? Forget about it.

A wolf jumps you? No chance you get to swing that hatchet.

You want to kill something from a distance? Throw the damn thing. Find it again afterwards - maybe?

Example 2 - The Rifle Run:

You only find a Rifle and some ammo.

Chopping wood? - No chance, you have to find what you need.

Harvesting Meat, Leather or Guts? Maybe some, but it takes time and a lot of energy - you do it by hand afterall.

Opening cans? I wouldn't shoot them. Look for a can opener or smash'em.

You better not let a wolf get near you - you can even just shoot in the air - every animal should run from a gunshot.

RPG elements:

- After gutting three rabbits by hand you should be able to get some meat off of a deer, too.

- After hours of training you may be able to hit a rabbit with your hatchet from a distance, or just a deer, but it's something.

The Motivation of these things: The Binding of Isaac - the game and levels are simple, yet the game is infinitely replayable since everyrun is different from the things you find and choose to use.

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