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  1. Currently every run feels the same: Get a rifle, ammo, hatchet, knife - be set for life. I would like it if these tools were more rare and versatile. Example - the Hatchet Run: You only manage to find a hatchet. You can chop wood, of course. You have trouble harvesting meat, even more trouble harvesting leather/skin. Little chance to get some guts succesfully. Opening cans without spilling half of it? Forget about it. A wolf jumps you? No chance you get to swing that hatchet. You want to kill something from a distance? Throw the damn thing. Find it again afterwards - maybe? Example 2 - The Rifle Run: You only find a Rifle and some ammo. Chopping wood? - No chance, you have to find what you need. Harvesting Meat, Leather or Guts? Maybe some, but it takes time and a lot of energy - you do it by hand afterall. Opening cans? I wouldn't shoot them. Look for a can opener or smash'em. You better not let a wolf get near you - you can even just shoot in the air - every animal should run from a gunshot. RPG elements: - After gutting three rabbits by hand you should be able to get some meat off of a deer, too. - After hours of training you may be able to hit a rabbit with your hatchet from a distance, or just a deer, but it's something. The Motivation of these things: The Binding of Isaac - the game and levels are simple, yet the game is infinitely replayable since everyrun is different from the things you find and choose to use.
  2. I consider this a bug since the game's appearance makes it look like "feels like" is a sum of the values below. Even if it is not the sum there is no obvious way that the numbers add up to the "feels like" value. Since the game shows the player these values, but doesn't use them in an obvious/understandable (i.e. correct) way, it's a bug.
  3. As shown here the calculations don't really make sense. If we were to add all up we would get: -24-6+17+11 = -2 If we assume that windchill values only work on each other we get: -6+11 > 0 => windchill = 0 (cant get windchill bonus if there is not enough windchill) -24+17+0 = -7 How does the game get the value -4 ?
  4. I use a 3500dpi mouse (Razer Deathadder). In-game sensitivity is set to 1% (I would set it to 0.5% if I could... cs:go player here, i like low sensitivity in-game). Windows is set to 6/11 (normal, no acceleration). The issue does not seem to be the sensitivity during aiming. One can aim somewhat when moving the mouse slowly (like glacier slow). The issue seems to be mouse acceleration! When holding the right mouse button and moving my mouse with a normal speed aiming becomes impossible.
  5. After repairing anything one is still in the menu to repair the same item. You cannot get out of this menu with ESC. you have to click cancel. ESC works in all other menus.
  6. I was just surprised by three wolves close to the frozen creek. The first two occupied the same space a bugged towards me: I call it "cerberus" After they got unstuck the stopped chasing me. The just stood there as long as I didnt move. The first one (from the right) kept running on the spot and twitching. I have no idea if this is a duplicate, but I didnt find any when searching.
  7. In Camp Office the carpets block bedroll placements in a weird fashion. This works: But only a teeny tiny bit to the right doesnt:
  8. Hello, it's simple, when you right click the aiming sensitivity is incredibly high. Without aiming I can move my mouse approx. 10 cm for a 180 degree turn. When Aiming 10cm is enough for multiple full rotations. When aiming at a wolf I always have to aim with the little white dot then rightclick-leftclick without moving the mouse to hit a shot. There is no chance to aim properly while holding the right mouse button.
  9. Can confirm, footstep sounds cannot be altered in volume. Only on or off.
  10. Not exactly the same. He reported that wolves can attack upwards, but I reported that they even can attack mid-air. Thanks nevertheless, I searched for a thread before but didnt find that one.
  11. I just had an encounter with a wolf at the eastern lake access. I was on top of one of the rocks and a wolf started running towards me, but he was on the ice below me and ran against the rock. Then I fell (by my own fault) on top of the wolf and got pounced. The camera moved below the wolf (and I thought I was on the ice now). I was able to survive the attack, but as the fight ended I proceeded falling and got additonal damage. I believe the wolf attack should have waited for me to be not mid-air anymore or keep me falling during the fight, but not stop me mid-air..
  12. I had seen that thread before, but I don't think a complete animation overhaul is necessary. Thanks, though! Maybe the fix for the straight lines isn't such a good idea, but as long as they don't rush towards but only stalk you it would be natural for a predator to hide in grass or behind trees. In a similar way it may be plausible to have them move towards you in a bow (like one of these brackets ( ).
  13. Hello again, I'd like to discuss wolves a little. They are very predictable and hence easy to deal with. Wolves are only dangerous if you happen to run around a boulder and meet a wolf than instantly pounces you. 1. If you meet a wolf on a frozen lake (easiest scenario) you walk towards it, wait for the bark and then aim for it's face while it walks towards you in a straight line. 2. If you hear a bark as you leave a house, you turn around go back into the house, sleep for an hour (resetting the wolves positions) and try to leave the house safely again. 3. When you go into the dam, you run down both stairs and wait for Fluffy to come around the corner. It's an easy shot to hit and even if you don't kill him with one shot he has 30% max left when he pounces you. If your condition is anywhere above 40% you can kill him and survive with a single bullet and no knife or hatchet. 4. While harvesting for wood or from a dead animal Wolves do not move (and cannot attack you either). My suggestions: 1. Wolves that barked at you before you entered a house should wait close by (not in front of the door, though) for at least 4-6 hours. 2. Wolves should avoid straight lines when you are facing them. 3. Fluffy shouldn't always spawn at the same spot inside the dam (just don't let him spawn at the entrance). 4. Wolves should move during harvesting. Harvesting should stop immediately if a wolf barks at you (so you can run away or shoot before it pounces you). With these changes Wolves become more dangerous and this would allow you reduce the number of wolves spawning. (on Coastal Highway there seems to exist one wolf for every house... it's crazy)
  14. Hello there, I have played about 5 games with 50+ days since v.183 was released. There are a few things that I think should be changed but I'll focus on wood and water for now. It is very easy to harvest wood. There is almost never a reason to harvest indoors. One can just go outside harvest 1-2 Fir Firewood and go back inside. If you aren't already dying this will not do you any real harm. Also (please, correct me if I'm wrong) you cannot be attack by wolves while harvesting (doesn't matter if it's an animal or wood). With 1 Fir Firewood one gets a little less than 1,5h of fire (assuming you have to start a fire). This is enough for 2,5l potable water. This water is enough for 48 hours! (You need 10min to melt 0,5l and 5min to boil it.) I hope Hinterland has something planned for the way we get water out of nowhere, like requiring to go outside to collect snow, using a pot for melting and cooking etc. But the way it is right now, it is too easy to come by. PS: The cache that holds 5 firelogs and some more wood is very disappointing to find since wood is so easy to collect. Same goes for the cache with tons of water (although this is more believable and fits the game very well).
  15. Hello, I really enjoyed the new achievements, thank you Hinterland! But I can only play them once. I miss the rush I got when I saw the little achievement popup in the corner of my screen! Could you add a gamemode that lets me replay for example the exploration achievement? That should come with a timer. I would love to compete against others trying to find all indoor locations as fast as possible (or with as few steps as possible OR as few shots fired as possible). This should have different leaderboards for different difficulties. I would love that!