Rabbit skin Tent


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What do I do with all my rabbit pelts?! I've got over 80 of them! oh I know, use the rabbit pelts, some arrow shafts and scrap metal/tin cans, and some rocks to make a tent. or at least not use cloth anymore to build snow shelters.

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I think adding a whole new shelter that serves a similar purpose to the snow shelter isnt worth while. But if we could make the same snow shelter using rabbit skin instead of/as well as  cloth this would be amazing! I also have so many and nothing to do with them. Meanwhile when I sandbox 'off the grid' survival I still have to enter houses to get cloth :( 

More of a pipe dream, imagine if we could use many deer skins and many many sticks to make a larger perm shelter of the same style (that could fit a fire). Then we could make a base and use the smaller shelters for scouting and travel. 


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