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Good day,just want talk about adding role of morale in your project,for now for me dead body's in game just containers with red noses,i think if common man who walk in winter forest at night and find frozen corpse, must feel some mental doscomforte and so on ''my lord it can be me on his/her place'''.

Also morale can drop when human was attacked by wildlife and lose blood after nasty fight,no food no water no meds and no hope to live another day--morale drop and so on,good feed and sleep near firelace in warm house and your gain morale back,if man lost in blizzard and dont have in road back to warm shelter, he start to lose morale,dont have some other peoples to talk no pet to tame ,man become empty shell and lose morale and sanity :} got sick from poison or infection /lose morale to/got wet after shock from ice break in frozen water-morale lose .

So Why not add morale line to all other statuses?

Thanks for your time!

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Right now, the player is the source of morale, and that's the way I like it. That leaves it up to the individual to either give up or struggle on. Some folks are incredibly resilient (and like to be alone) while others crumple and whine pathetically under the same circumstances. JMO, I don't think there's a good middle ground that wouldn't seem pitifully lame to your more hard-nosed players.

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