A TLD 4 Days of Night Pumpkin Pie Drawing

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Today I drew a picture of a pumpkin pie based on the one from the 4 Days of Night event from The Long Dark. One difference I made is that I changed the decoration on it from a paw print to the Midnight Badge with the wolf howling against the moon. Another thing I changed was the color of the frosting?, I think that's what it is. I made the wolf purple as that is my favorite color. And I made the moon blue as that is my second favorite color.20201008_175023.thumb.jpg.78f178b1549eeffaa563788fa97636e7.jpg

It's certainly not as cool as a real TLD themed pumpkin pie or anything, but it was a little fun thing I wanted to do this month. I hope they will bring the pumpkin pie back this year of 4 Days of Night, if they do have that event.


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