Steam Input causes fps drop vs the game's native controller support


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It seems that with steam input enabled for my xb1 controller, any input from the analog sticks causes my in game fps to drop from around 110fps to the mid 60s. If I disable steam input under the game's properties and use the built in controller support, I have no performance loss whatsoever with the controller. 

Built in controller support works perfectly fine,  of course. Unfortunately, the game doesn't let you rebind controls unless you use steam input, and I really like using the right bumper as a secondary "interact" button so I can loot an entire cabin without ever having to take my thumb off the analog stick.

I'm not sure how reproduceable this is, but I swear, with steam's fps counter running in the main menu, with steam input enabled, my fps goes from 120 locked immediately down to 80fps as I move either the left or right thumbstick in a circle. It's kinda wild, honestly. I dunno what could be causing it.

The game is updated to 1.83 and i'm using the latest steam beta (I had the same issue with the latest official steam version as well. I'd hoped the beta might solve my problem but unfortunately it has not). I'm on Windows 10 Pro v2004 (latest update) and I also updated my controller's firmware (or at least checked for updates. I think it was already on the latest firmware) using the xbox accessories app. I'm honestly at a loss and steam input seems to be the only way for me to bind the interact function to a shoulder button. I wish we could have separate keys for interact and shooting/throwing torches so that I could maybe use joy2key just to assign a key to the right bumper and bind that key to only the interact function in game.

If anyone has any ideas or suggestions as to what's causing this weird fps loss using steam input, I'd really appreciate the help. Thanks!

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Solution found: use x360ce to rebind your buttons, I use it to set my generic gamepad as xbox gamepad in order to be able to utilise native support (no fps drops) AND to rebind my buttons. I'm not sure though if x360ce would work with a xbox controller but I guess it would.

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