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I didn't really peruse all the topics so I don't know if this has been suggested before.. but maybe a repelling down into areas like underground caves or something. There's a certain exploration and survival aspect to this that would be interesting. You would have to make sure you could descend down.. obviously not being encumbered like with climbs now. Also.. making sure you could get back up. You would have to make choices as far as what you could bring with you to explore and scavenge and what you brought back from said underground caves making sure you're not carrying too much. Maybe even setting up the anchor point could be implemented.. like utilizing a heavy hammer or some other type of tool to drive a metal stake of some sort that you had to forge with scrap metal. That could make the whole mechanic an overall satisfying experience when you have to work it out to where you are able to repel at all. What say you?

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