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There has been several posts about prone shooting position in this wishlist forum. However, prone position is not all. In terms of aim stability (without tripod), the order is: Prone > Sitting > Kneeling > Standing. 

Can we have various rifle position with pros and cons: 

1) Prone

Lay down on your stomach and shoot the rifle. This position should allow players to have a very slight bonus to critical chance, and allow players to experience far less shaking/swaying during aim down sight. Maybe it would be better to introduce slower speed for aim-stamina draining in proned position.  

On the other hand, using this position will make player's body in full contact with ground. Depending on the weather and ground temperature and coat, there should be a cold temperature penalty to players if player stays too long in prone position. Depending on ground temperature and coat, it would be good to introduce faster build up of frostbite/hypothermia chance. Players in bear coat with bonfire in vincinity should have no effect from long-duration prone aiming. But player with just coarse jacket in very cold day should not use prone position too long. This should balance out the prone position. 

Also, prone position should not be available in steep terrain, and should take some time to initiate aim down sight (with some additional animation for positioning) from prone position 

2) Kneeling / sitting. 

There should be some bonus to proper sitting position for rifle shooting in terms of swaying,  (not like prone, but better than standing shot). Also the character should spend some time to bring a proper sitting shoot position for rifle with a bit of animation. This way, sitting shot cannot be used in emergency situation. 

Kneeling is bit different. It should have fast speed to bring aim down sight. But slightly less stable aim then sitting position. I think the current TLD's crouching position for rifle would be the kneeling position.  

3) Standing. 

Least steady position, but fast speed to bring aim down sight. I guess current rifle shooting model would be enough for standing position. 


4) Attachment - tripod.  

Other people in this forum suggest optics as an rifle attachment. But such optics are expensive and requires high quality tools to maintain. Also, I'm not sure about durability of hunting optics. Some military grade optics have good durability, but even then they are easy to be broken if owner is not careful enough.  So, if optics are introduced, any optics should not be craftable, and have some chance to be broken if player attacked by wolves or bears, or if player's ankle/foot is injured in difficult terrain. 

Instead of optics, I suggest tripod as an rifle attachment. It is very easy to make from branches or wood parts. Plus they are light, and easy to use. Tripod can help players to get some degree of bonus to reduce hand shaking or swaying or shivering. The degree of such bonus should depends on rifle skill. 

Such tripod should have other use during fishing. If TLD introduce a craftable/lootable advanced fishing pole, then having tripod will allow players to leave the fishing position during fishing, and do their own work while fishing pole is supported by tripod. Then, if player hears a specific sound or they see vibrating fishing pole, player should run to fishing pole and pull. 


5) Crossbow? 

If crossbow is introduced in TLD, those positions should be available for crossbow too. 




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