Binding keys does not work propietly since Hotfix v.196


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I played today alot my game,after new Hotfix v.196 was released.I was heading to Coastal Townsite in CH map,as ussuall,to transfer some stuff to my base.I was walking confidently,coz I learned,how to quickly repeal wolf attack from me.So,I was completely calmed down,when a wolf jumped on me and I started fast clicking Left Ctrl click,as I have it set as aim/throw binding options,since I have one long button for left mouse button and right mouse button on my laptop,so I cannot use RMB as aim/throw option.As we know,RMB we also use as hitting wolf,whille with LMB we increase attack power.

Well,I was clicking my LCTRL button heavily,but it didn"t react.I could not do any damage to wolf,neither repeal it off.So,with my condition down to 50%,I had to use LMB to increase power and then RMB,to do damage and repeal wolf off.

Then I healed myself and I decided to try again to use LCTRL button for repeal wolf attack and if that will not work,then I will try fast clicking RMB button.I went in fight with wolf,but LCTRL again didn"t react.Then I tried RMB alone,fast clicking,and RMB also didn"t react.So I had to boost my attack power with LMB first and then RMB did damage to wolf and repeal it.

Now,my question is: Is that set by purpose,that we cannot repeal wolf atttack only with clicking RMB button anymore(in my case LCTRL),or that means I have issues with binding keys?

Also,sometimes,when I have a flare equipped in my hand and I am holding button "w" for moving forward,flare wants to lit itself,altough I don"t press LMB.I just hold W for moving and after a whille it starts liting flare.That is not happening many times,but still.I experienced that two times today.I do move with W,just that whille moving,flare sometimes starts burning process,altough I don"t touch LMB.

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@Denyo wow your character is still alive from a wolf attack while your keys are malfunctioning during the attack? IM IMPRESSED HAHA..

anyways have you checked if theres any key conflicting another key, cause sometimes if you set one then the other will be replaced with a letter or a character that may cause conflict with the interact and aim buttons without you noticing it, if that makes sense. check all assigned keys then update us asap


Well,with RMB alone to work,I"m not the only one,who have it malfunctioned.I guess that was intentionaly fixed by devs,then.Now the only way to repeal wolf attack is LMB booost/RMB hit.Clicking only RMB it seems had to be kinda of bug,if I understand right.

What concerns unwanted starting proces of activating flare,whille holding W button,that happens rarely.

And, character is tough,lol.I was walking him in middle of townsite,like he is on promenade and not in hostile invoirment,full of hostile wolves.:-)

Btw,also throwing torch under wolves feet and picking it up does not work anymore.I threw it and went pick it up,like always,and wolf jumped on me.That happened twice in a row.Torch is now useless,as if you mash with it,you cannot reach wolf,coz he stays on distance.If you try step towards him,to hit him with mashing torch,he will also jump on you.With torch you cannot chase him away,only keep him on distance.And that fix sucks,if you ask me.

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