Jumping, longer thirst cycle, less breakable ice


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Have survived 12 days 15 hours and 47 minutes so far. I really like the aspect of the game. However I really wish I could jump. The left stick being pushed down does nothing. That would be a good jump button. I feel like I'm getting thirsty too quickly. I feel like thirst should be the same as hunger. Or hunger should go quicker than thirst. I will be very upset whenever I die. Lol. I'm doing so good right now. Also I can't find a revolver anywhere. I have about three rifles. But no revolver. 

I say less breakable ice because I see animals running on ice so I should be able to run on ice as well. I mean I'm watching 125-pound wolves and 850 lb bears run across ice but whenever I try to I fall through. This doesn't make any sense. I just joined this group so I don't know if there's a way to donate but I would be willing to invest in the game. As well as donate. Keep up the good work everyone! Overall it's a pretty good game.


Right now I'm at maintenance yard. It's just east of the broken bridge. I can't find my way back to the mining town I was almost able to go up over a mountain but then sprained my ankle?!? I mean like a giant trench right now and I can't get out of it I rappelled down here and I can't find my way back. I just found out what spray paint does. 😭😂😂

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