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So I've only been playing a month and DAMN this is an amazing game. I've literally thought "ok, lemme just stock up on fish and water and I'll turn it off" and next thing I know its 4 hours later. 


That being said, there's a couple things / changes that I think could help improve this already awesome game:


Containers: metal and plastic containers should be able to be carried and placed. One of my main issues I have with this game is item storage. I find a lovely little shelter and start settling down in that area, and soon enough the 3 ½ drawers in that place are full. If I could scavenge plastic and metal containers from nearby areas to help organize, that'd be awesome.


Sleds: Not necessarily to ride, but to transport goods. And to balance it, make them drain your endurance almost as fast as running does. But the weight limit on inventory means sometimes dozens of trips to certain areas to get everything you need. This would also be useful in hunting, as you could (theoretically) take back multiple kills (although I'd up the smell meter if a deer carcass is just riding shotgun out in the open).


Furniture: this one is multi-part. -I'd like to be able to break down more things. If I'm in a cabin or house with 3 bunkbeds, I really dont need 2 of them. Same with counters and cabinets.

-I'd also like to be able to FIX things, like cabinets or lockers. 

-Moveable furniture, just so I can rearrange the space to my playstyle. 

-Also being able to take a piece of furniture from one structure or area to another would be awesome. Make it hard, make it drain all your meters faster, but if I could take a workbench or a fridge from one place to another, that'd be awesome (and something people would probably try to do in that situation).

-Building things. A shelf, a box, etc. If I had to choose, though, I'd rather take the things from other places.


Axes/saws: let me chop down trees or at least break down a log from a fallen tree or the woodcut areas. Let me get a woodpile big enough to last days and days if I put the work in and dry it out (probably by putting it next to a fire).



Again, I think this game is amazing and I love and look forward to your updates. This is just me tossing my 2 cents in (and I'm sorry if I repeated anyone else's suggestions, I'm new here and didn't want to read dozens of pages). 

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