I am trying to put together a basic community management test and the first thing I need to do is figure out what exactly good community management is..

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First things first I am defining a community manger as any one whose job with in the studio is to handle public relation.

First, how well is your forum policed and why what do you think good policing on a forum looks like.

Second, how well do they stave off the rage of game breaking bugs and sever crashes.

Third, have you ever been frustrated after being silenced by an admin.

Four, how often do you get excited about new content.

Fifth,  do you feel informed about what the future is going to hold for your game and developers, also do you care.

Sixth,  do you think that community management in games should be relegated to costumer service.

Seventh, do you think that good community management is owed to you as part of the game you bought.

eighth, bottom line. How much does a bad community influence your decision to buy games from that company again. 


You don't have to talk about all of these points and if you have something I didn't ask to say go a head.

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