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I would like to see the issue of selecting items in your inventory resolved.
Who takes an item from their bag, throws it on the ground, then picks it up again to put it on the shelf?

I am actually surprised that this action still exists after so long. When looking at an item in your bag there should be a choice as to what you want to do with it. I.e. Hold, use, take whatever. Not just eat or drop.
Ever seen those pics of peeps out there who have very painstakingly stacked the shelves neatly, and all in order? Man, I do the same thing. And it takes a fair bit of determination to see it through.

The other thing that still bugs me is, if and when you DO drop a heap of the same item, they drop in close groups together. YOU try and do that manually. Impossible. Why is that?

Drop a bunch of food for example. then you try replicating that manually by picking it up and placing it close together or even on top. Nope. Ain't gonna work. I'd really like to place my container of pills a little closer together on the shelf! :-)
Neat and tidy.

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