Tweaking the fatigue meter?


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Just curious what you all think about the fatigue meter?  Is it just fine as it sits or should a little tweaking be in order?

Seems to me that there are some activities which in my opinion should really tire the player out dramatically but somehow fall short of what I would expect.  For example, I harvested pallets using the blunt big hammer as my only tool from practically sunup to the point it was too dark to continue and only barely dented the fatigue meter.  Probably just down 30% or so.  Definitely not enough to allow me to sleep more than a few hours before walking up again in the dark.  I kinda figure if you were swinging a hammer and smashing stuff all day, you'd probably be a lot more tired?  Same goes for when I am chopping wood, be it with the axe or the hacksaw.  Since the hacksaw takes twice as long to cut wood, shouldn't you be a lot more tired?    Yet, If I climb more than one or two ropes in  the same day I'm nearly instantly exhausted?  

I dunno...

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