Bleak Harbinger Challenge


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The Bleak Harbinger Challenge can be attempted on any difficulty level if you so choose. The challenge is designed to have you do around half of it with hand crafted ammo. 

Random Start.

Playing it on Pilgrim would result on it being absurdly easy and playing it on Interloper or Deadman would make it rather more difficult. The idea of the challenge is that you want to make your own bullets because it's the ONLY real way to survive. So on any difficulty below Interloper your main goal is to find casings/ammo for Rifle and/or Revolver, find supplies to make gunpowder, gunsmithing books, batteries to precess for lead and a hacksaw. On Interloper your main goal is to make bow and arrows...but once that's done everyone is heading to the same place.

Bleak Inlet

No matter what difficulty setting you're on you must go to the Echo One Radio Tower and then access the Cannery Workshop where you must do the following:

Pilgrim-Stalker: Use up all of your perfect ammo, collect all your casings, use the ammo crafting table etc to make new ammo. How high your gunsmithing skill is will dertermine how good your ammo is. Once you have crafted all your ammo you're ready to go.

Interloper+: Survive.

From now on everyone is using crafted ammo. The lower the gunsmithing skill the more likely your ammunition will backfire.

Hush River Valley

The goal for all survivors is to get to the signal fire, gather the supplies...equip the Moose Hide Satchel- except Interloper Plus (I don't know that it's there) and get back out. After that all survivors begin their final journey to-

TWM Summit

Your goal to complete this challenge is to make it to the TWM Summit. How long will it take?

It also makes a great place to start a long term survival getting your gunsmithing skills raised up early.

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