The Lows & Highs Of Survival


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My first ever Survival run.

Started in Mystery Lake.

I go search for the North-West prepper cache locations.

Freezing, climbing hills.

At least a dozen sprains.

Why so many sprains?

Cold. Lost.

No caches found.

No caches.

Not happy.

Wolves. No bullets.

This is miserable.

I'm done. This sucks.


Head back home. Camp Office. Empty handed.

Almost there.

What's that!?

A deer running right at me!

Whip out my low condition bow.

Only one sad arrow.

Point blank shot.

It hits! Yay!

Oh no, deer doesn't die.

It runs.

My arrow! My only arrow!

Give chase.

Get back here!

My arrow!

So tired.

Can't sprint anymore.

Deer gone.

Following blood trail.

Sunset approaches.

Getting far from home.

I give up.

Turn back home.

Hey are those crows circling?

They are close.

What is that?

The deer!

My arrow!!


Home is not far.

No wolves in sight.

Getting late.

Quarter it. Quick!


Lug 10 lbs of meat home.

So slow.

So stinky.

Watch for wolves.

Sprain risk. Grr.

Made it!

Home! Food for days!

I love this game!


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