Changelist -- Sandbox Alpha v.04

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The Long Dark -- Sandbox Alpha v.04 Changelist

July 2nd, 2014

Please note there are GAMEPLAY SPOILERS in this changelist.


  • When dropping a stack of gear, the gear is placed as individual gear items (except for gear that is naturally multi-item, such as matches or ammo).
  • Increased interior lighting transition time from 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Properly holster item in hands for all interactions (first aid, accessing inventory, placing objects, foraging wood, starting fires, etc.)
  • Fix issue with indoor lighting sometimes being dark when it was light outside.


  • Updated the Wolf model (for real this time).
  • Replaced wall-mounted First Aid Kit in Camp Office with the correct model.
  • Several environment art fixes throughout Lake Region, mostly to stitch up seams.


  • Fixed bug where flare audio would play at full volume regardless of distance (only occurred if a burning flare was saved/restored).

Gameplay & Tuning
  • Can opener now only degrades on use. Cans only need to be opened once (eating from the same can a second time does not affect the can opener).
  • Bedrolls are no longer automatically put back in inventory after usage.
  • Fixed bug where partially eaten food from Gear Inspect Mode was not being put into inventory.
  • Modified search times for various containers and corpses.
  • Added Blood Loss and Infection Afflictions to the First Aid system.
  • [spoil]Significant overhaul of Wolf attack interactions. Added Struggle gameplay.[/spoil]
  • Fixed unobtainable Antiseptic bottle in the Camp Office.
  • Made Wood Foraging a bit more generous and forgiving. You’re in a forest after all.
  • Added Sewing Kit object to multiple loot tables, making it easier to find in the world. You need a Sewing Kit to suture up wounds and treat Blood Loss. It also provides a bonus for repairing gear items.
  • Fixed bug that could cause simulation to use an incorrect high calorie burn rate.
  • Max slope angle reduced from 60 degrees to 45 degrees. This will make some areas of the world impassable.

Menus, HUD, UI

  • New scene-based Main Menu.
  • Fixed bug with Condition not showing up in Gear Inspect Mode.
  • Improved player death description by including all critical sub-conditions that contribute to player's demise. Also, properly capture cause of death by afflictions (e.g., food poisoning) if there are no critical sub-conditions.
  • Fixed bug with game getting stuck on black screen if pressing ESC during loading sequence.
  • [spoil]New container search system. Items found during search are inspected and can be added to inventory or returned to the container. Container search time is now modified by the number of items that can be found.[/spoil]
  • Improvements to gear Inspection system.
  • Support for being able to drop or transfer portions of the player's water supply (potable and non potable).
  • Allow ESC to exit Safecracking interface.
  • Fixed bug that could cause no items to display in inventory or containers, even though items existed.


  • TOD settings tweaked to give more full daylight and a shorter dawn and dusk. Onset of Night moved from 8PM to 9PM.
  • Allow screenshot keys (F9 and F10) to work at the Main Menu.


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