Day 3 Not Completing Bug

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I've finished the first two days and got my badge for that. Now I've finished day 3, the countdown is gone, but I don't have anything that says I've completed it, I just have an "!", and I've tried saving, restarting, sleeping, going through doors, etc. Started and stopped Steam. Gone into offline mode and back into online mode. Started a different not 4DON save. Nothing has made this update to say I have completed. If I sink two hours into this tomorrow will I get the badge still? Or has a bug taken away that possibility?



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I had this earlier today as well. Best I can tell, it's some kind of mismatch on the timer, where the countdown says 2 hours, but your 'played time' isn't quite there.

Stay in game and just hang out a bit - you're probably only missing like 10-15 minutes, so that should be more than enough.

When the Day 3 text no longer appears on your HUD, double-check the journal - it should say 'Day Completed' when it finally registers.

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