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TLD streamers' Round Table LIVE - 29 June 2019

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Hi everyone - there is a special TLD Streamers Round Table starting tonight at about 1:00am UK / 5:00pm PST on twitch with a bunch of The Long Dark streamers including -
  • Atheenon,
  • DystOptimist,
  • Wizarc,
  • Gameslif,
  • TheGazbeard,
  • Kimiota,
  • Deadlikeme,
  • xeroplanes,
  • rand_althor1966,
  • Uncle_Brontosaurus,
  • Deadpool,
  • evilspacemonkey,
and maybe a few others.
Choose your favourite streamer to watch via their channel (if they're not streaming it, try one of the others' channels) - ask any TLD questions to any of the streamers taking part via chat in the channel you're watching.
Should be a fun time with lots of good info from the amount of game experience being pooled.

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