Graphical glitch: inside light creases around straight edges


Recommended Posts is the glitch.

This seems to happen around a whole heap of straight edges in the game for me at the moment, though the rest aren't as glaringly obvious as the above screenshot. It seems to be when I'm inside, and where window light is interacting with straight edges.

I'm on a windows pc 1920/1080 graphics on ultra. My graphics card is an Nvidia Geforce GTX 560

The in game time is 9-10am it was still there from every angle, but in differing degrees.

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Would you be able to get a few more screenshots of this? I'm not entirely sure what it is that is wrong. I see a bit of an outline around the menu screen but thats about it. Or are you talking about the weird black line thingies on the shower door? If that's it I do believe the God Rays and Lighting are being updated fairly soon so this may not be a problem soon enough. Also another thing is if that thing we try doesn't work I believe it comes down to Unity Lighting not being the greatest and at that point there isn't much we can do to fix that.


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