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Hey all, first off great game (I just suck at it). I had to purchase the early access after watching a friends youtube videos details his survival history this almost got me hooked immediately. I am not sat here at work looking forward to going home and surviving in the wilderness for longer than 20 minutes :D

2 things this game as taught me is 1) I hate wolves and 2) When ever I go on a plane I need to pack a tin/can opener :D

Looking forward to this game as it matures more and more over the coming year.

This game forced me to make my own meme



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Hey Emexrulsier,

Welcome to the forums!

But before you try to take a can opener on a plane, be sure those are allowed with the strict rules these days ;)

The wolves in your picture actually like each other. Softly biting another wolfs jaw is one way how wolves show affection.

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