This game happens in my country :D


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Hellooooooooooooo everyone,

I'm JurianChibo (from my real name, Julien), I'm a 3D student in Quebec, Canada (which means I speak french as my native language), and I love The Long Dark.

I've played it for not such a long time, but I fell in love (and in the long dark)

So, uuuh, since I'm way too tired and lazy to do a full text, let's do a list of what I love~

Hum hum...

- Vocaloid (and UTAUloid)

- Videos games (if that wasn't obvious enough)

- Books (I like reading fantasy and such..though a good book is a good book, whatever the genre, like ''It'', by Stephen King)

- Music is a great passion of mine

- Singing (Yup)

- Art (I could watch actual art for hours and please, artists, let me just hug you for building the community of art)

I hope I'll have plenty of fun with you people~

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