An embarassment of riches....


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My latest run...

Day 15, I've explored the entire Mystery lake map with the exception of the Hydro dam. I head out of the camp office and go to check my traps across the railroad tracks, it was a good haul, 5 rabbits today. Once again I miss a reset trap option.

I get a chuckle as I head back as I have a rabbit and a deer running ahead of me. I play a little game and see if I can drive them all the way to the lake.

I'm amazed that I'm keeping them both pushed ahead of me! Then the deer takes a quick swerve, and I thought I'd lost him. But I got lucky and he turned back!

As I got to the lake I saw a wolf take down another deer! So I keep pushing the rabbit and deer onto the ice hoping I can get the wolf off the deer. The strategy works! the wolf triggers on the rabbit and takes off after it! It's a short chase and the rabbit is down fast. Then the deer stopped running and turned around, I guess he was at the wolfs range as the wolf then took off after the second deer!

I decided to get a bit greedy. I snuck up on the wolf and took my shot. I took down the wolf with one shot.

So that one days total:

- 6 babbits

- 2 deer

- 1 wolf

The next day I decided to head to the dam to see what was there.

As I entered I put a lantern down in the second room to light the stair well. And I waited. I saw Fluffy work her way up and took my shot. And down she went!

After searching the dam and harvesting fluffy, I headed out.

As I stepped onto the tracks I was hit by another wolf! I successfully fought it off! As I was at ~50% health I decided to try to get back to the office thinking I'd track the wolf the next day.

As I crossed the bridge I was again attacked by a different wolf. Again I fought it off and healed myself up. I was down to only 15% health so I decided to go back and camp at the dam.

I awoke up the next day and headed again to the office. This time I make it safely to my office.

I then went back to track and harvest the wolves (waste not want not), and I was able to find them both AND a half eaten deer.

So after a busy couple of days I don't need to go hunting for a month. The next day I took down my snares so they didn't get destroyed.

I now have the gloves, boots, and coat all while staying warm and comfy. I've also stockpiled ~40L of water and a weeks worth of wood. Now to hope I can eat all the meat before it goes bad.

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