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(v.183) Wood and Water is very easy to come by

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Hello there,

I have played about 5 games with 50+ days since v.183 was released. There are a few things that I think should be changed but I'll focus on wood and water for now.

It is very easy to harvest wood. There is almost never a reason to harvest indoors. One can just go outside harvest 1-2 Fir Firewood and go back inside. If you aren't already dying this will not do you any real harm. Also (please, correct me if I'm wrong) you cannot be attack by wolves while harvesting (doesn't matter if it's an animal or wood).

With 1 Fir Firewood one gets a little less than 1,5h of fire (assuming you have to start a fire). This is enough for 2,5l potable water. This water is enough for 48 hours! (You need 10min to melt 0,5l and 5min to boil it.)

I hope Hinterland has something planned for the way we get water out of nowhere, like requiring to go outside to collect snow, using a pot for melting and cooking etc. But the way it is right now, it is too easy to come by.

PS: The cache that holds 5 firelogs and some more wood is very disappointing to find since wood is so easy to collect. Same goes for the cache with tons of water (although this is more believable and fits the game very well).

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