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I have a suggestion, to make it easier for us and you the Dev's to make a Sub Forum under Bugs for the Mac OS X Platform.

Because its a different Build, it would make sense to have sections for Windows Bugs and OS X Bugs. This way it will stop a lot of confusion between the 2 platforms, and it will be clearer for you and us the testers to submit Bugs for you to look at ??

If this won't work, so be it, but I think it will be invaluable in the long run, and once the OS X build comes in, be easier for you to distinguish, in a click what is Windows, and what is OS X ??

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Guest Alan Lawrance

It's definitely useful to know what platform a bug was found on, in case it turns out to be platform dependent.

We could make sections for WIndows, OSX and Linux -- another solution is for people to put their rig details in their signature -- see Ray's (arrayknight) posts for a good example of how it could be set up.

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