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Hope this is considered constructive criticism I am truly loving everything about this game - the inventory UI is not good, It feels like an unfinished part of the of the game. Trying to scroll through a list of unorganized items when the crap is on the line is frustrating at best. I get the idea of foraging through your bag for stuff in a pressure situation might be a part of the game but this unorganized list really doesn't convey this situation. This is the wish list area so below I will be annoying and say what I think:


1. Should be split into clothing and usable goods

+Separate clothing system that makes the user aware of whats being worn, how much heat he/she is retaining, and condition of items

+Graphical interface of the main character wearing the clothes to visually represent warmth state

+Usable items in a separate window from clothing so they can be easily accessed without accidentally making yourself naked in front of a wolf.

The mechanics of this game so far are heavily based on accessing the inventory, consuming products, equipping objects, and being aware of ones physical state... It should not be a chore

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  • Hinterland

One thing to keep in mind is that we've offer the quick slots so players can enable things they might need in a hurry: 1 - Flare, 2 - Lantern, 3 - Weapon, 4 - Decoy (i.e. drop food to distract wildlife).

These are really the only things you need to do "in a hurry."

Things like starting fires or laying down a bedroll can be easily done from the Survival Panel.

Everything else should certainly not be a chore, but quick access is not typically paramount outside those cases.

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Clothing is my big issue, get it out of my food,flare, and tool section... not just by a pull down which wastes actual survival time... make it a separate interface. I don't need to search through my existing "worn" clothing to find a candy bar.

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