New! Sandbox Alpha v.181-v.183 Now Live! BIG UPDATE

Raphael van Lierop

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NEW! Sandbox Alpha Update v.181 - Experience Modes, German & Russian, Craftable Clothing, Hot Drinks!

We're happy to share the 18th Update to The Long Dark since we brought the game to Steam Early Access in September.

Apart from hotfixes, this will be the last major update of 2014.

We hope you enjoy the updated game! Happy Holidays to all of you, and all the best from the Hinterland Team, to you and yours in 2015.

Here is the changelist for v.181 of The Long Dark Sandbox:

NOTE: All gameplay tuning is WIP. Balance issues and bugs will be addressed in hotfixes. All current savegames should remain valid after the v.181 update.


* Added Experience Modes to the game: Pilgrim, Voyageur, Stalker. Players can now select their preferred experience, between Exploration-focused, Survival-focused, or a balance. Wildlife presence, Supply availability, item decay, and Condition effects have been tuned per experience mode.

* Complete overhaul of Supply distribution, to ensure key Tools can be found. General availability of Clothing and Food has been reduced (outside of Pilgrim).

* Added German and Russian translations to the game. These are selectable from the Display settings.

* Added new Craftable clothing items: Rabbitskin Mitts, Deerskins Boots, Wolfskin Coat

* Added new Hot Drinks: Coffee, Tea, and Soup can all be heated to provide buffs to Warmth, Fatigue, etc. Canned beans can now also be cooked and eaten hot.

* UI improvements for Struggle, First Aid, Crafting, Repair, Harvest, Foraging, and Rest.

* Falling Through Ice will now result in clothing getting wet and immediate Freezing state. Wet clothing will Freeze if not dried near a fire.


* Added support for Multi-Monitor play, including wider aspect ratios and FOV.

* There is now a possibility for Shelters to spawn as unsearchable, burnt husks.

* General art updates throughout, including a beautification pass on Mystery Lake and Coastal Region.

* The Rifle now has muzzle smoke and hit/miss effects.

* Interior lighting brightened up for daytime.

* Length of Day/Night has been increased.

* General tuning on Decay rates for Clothing items, to reflect longer average survival times.

* Reduce per-use decay on the Firestriker Tool.

* Improvements to Save Game UI elements.

* Improvements to Game Clock "passage of time" UI elements.

* Partial progress will be awarded for cancelled Crafting, Repair, Harvest, and Foraging actions.

* Players will now have more breathing room from Wolves when exiting interiors (Stalker Mode excluded)

* Firelog heating characteristics have been retuned.

* New Leaderboards for Voyageur and Stalker Experience modes.

* Updated Antibiotics bottle and First Aid UI art to distinguish more clearly from Painkillers.

* Improved Night Sky starfield.

* Reduced clothing damage from Blizzards.

* Crafting now always succeeds provided the player has the required Materials.

* Wolves will now Flee for much longer when bleeding out, improving the chasing & tracking gameplay

* Fixed bugs causing injured wildlife to despawn.


* Fixed issue where Fuel was consumed when cancelling Firestarting.

* Fixed issue with unlit flares and lanterns igniting when clicking to go through a loading zone.

* Made Ctrl, Alt, and Apple keys available for binding on Mac.

* Fixed crash when wolf attacked player at the moment a flare was being ignited.

* Fixed save/restore issues with stoves and campfires outdoors.

* Fixed "Exploration Game" achievement; it is now obtainable.

* Fixed issue/exploit with being able to start a fire inside a car (and then get inside the vehicle and not be burned). Now you cannot set fires in or under vehicles.

* Fixed bug with player sometimes falling through world when restoring game while on a slope.

* Fixed bug with the heat from fires not restoring after a save/load or scene transition.


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