Lantern can clip through walls/objects while searching


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When you search a cabinet or something while the lantern is lit, it moves off the right side of the screen (presumably to simulate moving it out of the way while you use both hands to rummage through the cabinet). However, if you are next to a wall on your right side, the lantern will clip through the wall and it'll go dark inside the room until you finish searching. Doesn't really affect anything, but looks janky and awkward. Maybe have it move down instead, like you're setting it on the ground or hooking it on your pants.

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I made a post a while ago (v.156) about this, but I didn't know what was going on. I thought it was a bug that occurs rarely and didn't realize it was just because of that wall on the right side. It's also the same bug described here Storm Lantern lighting bug. To help out, I will post more info here (since you picked a very good post title).

Bug name: Storm lantern can clip through walls/objects while searching (or while an already searched container is open).

Bug description: It's well described by Maoman in the first post.

OS: Windows 7 64 bit in my case (probably not important).

Repro steps: While the storm lantern is equipped and lit, search a container while having a wall next to you on the right side. The lantern will move through the wall to the right side (It will be dark inside).

Visibility: Probably always.


[align=center]Normal behaviour (no wall on the right side):[/align]






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