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Just a foot [a very small journal in Timberwolf mountain]

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Hi survivors from the community,i presents a very small story about my survival in Timberwolf mountian region it's called [Just a foot].

I wake in unknown wilderness in unknown region.

I started walking and running to find someone or something can help me to escape from this frozen wilderness.

Sidenly i found a wolf eating a deer carcass,then i suggested to cross from this aggressive creature.

After i cross from it,i found another one trying to reach and kill me,then i found two stone laying in the ground grabbed one and throwed at this wolf.

The stone hit the wolf and started running from me,now i can continue searching for hut or house.

I found a frozen lake,i called it the mystery lake also found a mountainer's hut by the lake ,a fishing hut.

I entared the hut ,in it two bed with one billow ,workbench,wooden crate,wooden stool,a hatch,a first aid kit,wooden showcase and oven with campfire.



I fired a campfire and put two cans with snow to melt,boil it,after boiling this cans i take the water,the cans,then i go to sleep for 5 hours.


After i wakeup from this bed,i take all charcoal in the campfire,then i created some locations and plants in the map.



I started walk to the fishing hut,i found in it a hunting knife,a firewood,candy bar.

After i left the two huts,i found location called the wing,because there are a wrecked plane wing also there one bear,two wolfs eating deers carcasses.


I found a cave near the wing location,then i suggestted to enter this cave to search for something can help me about this coldness,but i found nothing.



I crossed from this wild creatures,then i found a fallen tree also crossed from it,found another cave and entered it.






I fired another campfire and put a sleeping bag to continue this journal alive.



After i slept,i leave from this cave also found a special tree combined to each other and found climbing rope.




I tryed to climb this rope and my fatigue want down,also found a third cave.


I suggested to light a campfire and slept in this sleeping bag,but the storm killed me from this coldness.


The end of the journal[Dead from freezing].

Note: the english isn't my native langauge.

after moved from the position.jpg

the position,I moved to.jpg

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Thanks for sharing! You have guts to start immediately on Stalker level, and believe my I know what I'm talking about! The cold is always you worst enemy. Or maybe second only to wolves.


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