#347 Jagged, flickering shadows


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In The Ravine, going from Mystery Lake to Coastal Highway, just before the train tunnel I noticed the shadows flickering on the rocks when I moved (stopped flickering when standing still). I came closer and saw the shadows have jagged edges:


It happens in more places in The Ravine, but only in certain lighting. When there's snow falling, it's not there (but then again, also no shadows presumably). I haven't seen this in either of the other maps, but maybe that's just because I haven't noticed it.

I'm running the game full screen in 1920x1200, at ultra quality and with vertical sync on. I haven't tried changing the setting to see if that has any effect.

My system:

Core i5-2400


Geforce GTX 460 (driver 344.65)

Win 8.1 Pro 64b

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