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To add some "bad surprise" to the game and also difficulty

We can find locked door.. (it has no sense that all the door are opened)

A wolf is beside you, you see an home but..the door is locked..ta daaaan!

Or you need are hungry..finally an home..but...ta daaaan!

How it can works.

1) Some houses have two doors, one can be locked and one no..

2) Some houses are completly loked but..there is a key in a corpse (more or less near) or into the snow near the house.

3) You can open with some stuff like when you open a can,. (stuff for door are shotgun,crowbar and axe) different time, calories and degrade apllicable.

Also it will be very interesting find closed door inside the house that bring you to some cellar where you hare obljed to use flare or lantern. Think we in generally need more place where you have to be obljed to use artificial light.

Sure it need to implement the possibility to put down the lantern (as asked from a lot of people) or to search and thake whith lantern in hand.

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I'll go along with this. It does make sense that some doors would be locked.

If they implement cars at any point, they might also be locked, requiring a forced entry or a found key to open.

Likewise, the basement/underground idea is also a good one. At the moment, I rarely use the lantern, so it is mostly a wasted item. It would be nice to have some real use for it.

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Exploration is for what i play this game, the most important.

You have to moove because wolf are near you, moove because you're freezing, because you need new stuff, you're finisching thhe food and maybe nothing to hunt. I don' imagine this a "static" game (not more than 3-4 days)

So i try to imagine things that gives you a surprise, good or bad.

A closed door or closed container can be death, can be "damned" can be the thing for what now you're playing..because you need what's inside or because you (is human) are inquiring.

About the light is the same a lot of us have the light but nothing to use for..

Maybe next you will find a place (into an house or not) where you need that but you don't have you know the position but need the stuff.. you're only survival objective transform in..wanna know what's there..maybe the salvation..

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