#289 Terrifying Bug 3 of 3: Mightily Armed Dead Man


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After being severely attacked and injured with only 1% health left right in front of the hunter's cabin's door, I quickly entered in an attempt to fix my wounds inside.

Immediately upon entering, however, I was informed that I had died by bleeding to death, and instantly I held in my arms a full arsenal of weapons and tools. The screen faded to black before I could get a good look at them all, but I saw at least the following - the rifle, the crowbar, the axe, and something that looked like a pistol of some kind. I didn't even have any of those in my inventory if my memory serves me correctly, and I know I've never seen that pistol before.

What a way to go though.


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Just a quick addition - upon re-opening the game and clicking LOAD, I was returned to the same sight I described above - a message saying I died from blood loss and a wild view of every tool and then some in my hands before it faded to the 'You have not survived long enough' screen. Of course, attempting to load the game a third time so I could take a screenshot didn't work.

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