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These are some reasonable feature requests I thought of during my lastest game.

  • Sandbox settings. Like animal density, day length, mean temp, loot rarity.
  • More achievements. Exploration achievements in particular are my favourite. ;)
  • Being able to walk/run faster on the railroad tracks, since your feet would not be sinking into the snow so much. Ice too, but maybe easier to break your ankle on it when you run. Maybe better energy conservation on non-snow surfaces as well.
  • Needing light to do work like harvesting and repairing clothes and tools. If I needed to repair my clothes I would often do so at night when I considered it too dark to go outside. This would give more use to all the lanterns and latern fuel around the map which I hardly ever made use of. Currently there's not much reason to be awake after dark.
  • Getting a bit stronger over time if remaining well fed. Maybe 1 more carry weight per 5 days? Or it could depend on the clothes you are wearing (more pockets). And optionally if you starve for a long time you start to lose maximum carry weight.
  • I'd love it if you were able to see the weather through the windows of zoned buildings in some way. It's an amazing atmosphere spending the night on the lookout towers during rough weather. When it's just howling wind I can't tell if it's a blizzard out there or just windy.
  • Lower indoor temperature. Then if you started a fire it would warm up the building, and the heat would fade over the course of a day or two if you don't heat it up again. And you could warm up even in a cold building by sleeping in a bed or using your bedroll.
  • Heating non-meat food.
  • Food that would require water before eating, at least for full effect or it would make you very thirsy if you ate it as-is.
  • Lootable mailboxes in coastal Townsite. Maybe someone was getting their meds in the mail.
  • Some boats lying around the lake and by the coast. And maybe some cars and logging-related vehicles in the logging areas.
  • Apparently (in real life) if you only eat rabbit you will die faster than if you just starved. Maybe there should be a penalty for only eating a single type of food. Maybe a diminishing return on the calorie value of a food item that you eat more than twice in a row.

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I love the idea of being able to loot mailboxes to find pain killers, antibiotics, or newspaper maybe. Would also be nice to see at least a couple of abandoned vehicles and a boat in the maps also. Would be interesting to be able to loot these as well. Good suggestions!

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More or less i'm agree with all points. Expecially the first

We need some parameters to do more personal the sandbox experience.

So it can become an haunting experience.

An extremly survival experience

Or an exploration experience.

Or a "camper"..experience..

Like food required water maybe boiled and it can give you more calories

About boats..i saw one in some screenshot or artwork and also for sure they will be

And about window i had a post where i ask about having all the shelter like the whatch cabin where you open the door without loading and where you saw trought the windows.

is actually the only place

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