Major inventory redesign required?


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I'm deeply enjoying the game so far but I have to make the following suggestions. Sorry if there are mentioned before.

1. If we press the status pop up menu (tab key), I would like not to immobilize. Since the game its not paused while we check our condition. Off course when we open up our bag or try an action then we should stop any activity.

2. The clothing inventory would be beneficial to have a man figure (like diablo) and then to click and drag any clothing to the corresponded position. (head, neck, hand, torso, toes, legs etc) It will help us quickly visualize status condition and whether to switch to a better/warmer clothing or not.

3. General improvement in the inventory with the use of tabs instead of drop down list for the different categories.

Generally fast switch required and quick browsing since time is critical in this game.

PS: How can I acquire the backer badge since I'm a backer? :roll:

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I would suggest an icon based UI like this (DayZ).

More or less along those lines. Icons are theoretically not a huge amount of extra work, because the icons can be made from photographs. Someone need to do a bit of color enhancing and make them stand out, but it's not like they all have to be painted by hand.

I can live with the current UI, and I understand that it saves a lot of time during development, but I would be happy if something else would come.

The current UI could benefit greatly from more hotkeys.

hotkeys to reach submenus, and a configurable keyboard setup

for example:

'F1' .. F10 submenus: Repair, Harvest, Forage ..

or 'C' 'F' open clothing/food/first aid ..

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