Strange wolf behavior after going inside and outside


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I left CO and almost immediately was spotted by a wolf. I ran inside and came back out again. The wolf was walking almost right in front of me, but didn't spot me (I was standing on the porch). I watched it walk away and moved 1 step when it almost disappeared around the corner of the CO. It immediately turned around.

I went back inside and came out the back door. I saw the wolf walking away from me towards the collapsed railway tunnel. When it was almost at the top of the rail embankment I moved 1 step and it turned around and stood still. I moved another step and it started moving towards me.

I did this a few more times, every time when I went inside and came back out, as long as I didn't move the wolf would keep moving away from me but as soon as I moved a step it was alerted to my presence. Now this isn't strange in itself, but it also happens at a distance wolves normally don't notice you anymore. If I encounter a wolf during my travels I can come much closer before they notice me. Somehow, this wolf was super sensitive to me because it had been tracking me before.

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