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So, this has been done before but I think it'd be a nice addition. This would be a sandbox only thing.

Well, the plan would be that when you die of whatever stupidity or bad luck, your body flops to the ground and you become one of the frozen corpses. Your stash stays put, BUT! You get the option to, well, crash again. So everything in the zone stays put, no re-randomizing. The clock would be spin forward, say, 2 months, so wear and all that jazz has effected the gear that has been looted. (the unlooted gear would remain in it's same state, because "reasons")

Now, this could be awesome, could be horrible, maybe you have a super stash of items, maybe you "poofed" in so far away from the old stash that you can't get to it. Now obviously in a real survival situation, you wouldn't know there's an awesome stash at THIS EXACT LOCATION, but maybe we could just pretend it's survivors instinct or something.

What this would do is, maybe you start to think of leaving outposts or stashes along a route to your super stash. This may be the thoughts of someone in a similar situation, leading whoever may have also survived this location to you for good or bad.

Also, this would give the option to, exhaust a map which some people would probably find very rewarding. Personally, I'm having trouble with the .153 "Wolf Attack Simulator", so meh.

This would be a button to click "Try Some More" or "New Game" at the point of failure.


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First: 60 days would be too long, there would be a huge weardown on the condition of almost every item, rendering that basically useless.

The reason for my hesitance about continuing on the same map with wear on all items is, that usually when I die, after day 30 or 50, the maps have been sufficiently cleaned. And I have nothing better to do than sitting in my home, occasionally going out to find some food and some wood. At least now you have to go outside, in the last update you were able to forage inside for all the wood you needed. So I don't really see the point of continuing on the same map.

Well I'd rather have a new map altogether, but having your corpse with some of the loot on it spawn in a random location on the map you died. This could however also lead to abuse, since you could pick up everything you can carry, then go outside and die, so you get decent loot the next time you pass.

So no sir, this wouldn't be for me. But I wouldn't mind seeing this implemented, since you'd always have the choice to "continue on".

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