The ground bug (v.138)


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First i am playing on windows 7 with an intel core i5 processor.

I´m actually playing a long session about a few hours and on day 11 or 12

something round about that. I fall through the ground when i left the camp

office. It was my home base. I didn´t die i just fall deeper and deeper and

saw the world above me. I end the game and make a screen shot. I will ad

it to the end of the text. And also i ad the debug log (hopefully it is the right



Thank you for the great work the game is even in alpha much better then a lot of games.

With kindly regards Shadowwallbreaker.


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So far I have only seen this on the map borders, when you manage to get through the cliffs.

I noticed that I can sometimes walk through when the texture it looks like glacier ice, and once I am inside the mountain is only one step to falling through completely.

Falling through a map is a normal thing in 3d games, we need to provide the exact coordinates and how we began to get through the ground.

At least you got a great view of Mystery Lake.

Some of the maps were made that way, by taking a screenshot and mirroring it.

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next time you do fall through the map or encounter any other bug, please do a debug screenshot using F8, not F9. that way the devs can see your exact location. Additionally, can you describe exactly what you did when you fell through the ground? I've played quite a lot and have never fallen through the ground anywhere near the camp office. :)

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I fall down on the side of the camp office.

I open the door witch is near the rails. And just when it was open

and when i was standing, i fall through the ground. It was on day 11

and i had the rifle equipped. I load the game after i reported it again

and everything was alright.It was just one time.

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