FPS dips since Windows 10 FCU


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Game has been running great until right after Windows 10 Falls Creators Update took place. Before, I get about 90 - 122fps (122fps seems to be a hard capped framerate, I don't know why....). I also get the well known microstutter which I think I read somewhere is caused by the ankle/wrist sprain RNG which makes sense since whenever I get a sprain of some sort it always stutters hard bery briefly). 

Anyway, my main problem is really odd. Since the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update I get a few minutes of 30fps then another few minutes of the usual performance (90-120fps). I've tried decreasing settings to the lowest and the fps is still 30fps when it happens. What I've noticed however, is that my CPU utliziation goes really low, nearly flat lines. This is when the performance drops. Then without no changes, I can see CPU usage go back up then the fps behaves and it's a super smooth 90 - 122fps again. This behaviour is definitely attributed to the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update as I've been playing quite happily since buying the game until then, currently on around Day 190.

I can confirm also that other games play very smooth with both CPU and GPU utilization high. Rainbow Six Siege is around 60% CPU Utilization and 100% GPU Utilization while TLD is about 5% CPU Utilization and less than 50% GPU Utilization. I've tried disabling Intel Speedstep in BIOS and C states in CPU power management, no luck. My Power Profile as always have Processor min/max at 100%. I've even sent tld.exe to highest CPU priority. I've gone through the verify integrity of the cache files process also. One thing I want to do next is to completely uninstall the game and re-install. I'm placing a big trust on Steam Cloud saves here, I don't want to lose my 190 Day run. 

I'll post a log file when I get the chance to test again.
My specification are as follows:


  • Motherboard ASUS X99-AII
  • CPU: Intel 6850K
  • Memory: Kingston HyperX 4x8GB
  • Graphics card: Titan X Pascal
  • Storage 2x 950Pro M.2 SSD 512GB
  • Power supply: Seasonic 1050W
  • OS: Windows 10 Home Pro 64Bit


I did the following just now and re-tested. I'm pretty confident that the Fall Update has wrecked this game for me. Because I've played two other games, Rainbow Six Siege and Titanfall 2, both are buttery smooth and CPU utilization and even GPU usage is well balanced. I've uninstalled TLD. Updated BIOS. Updated audio (Realtek), LAN, and re-moved my NVidia (DDU) drivers and re-installed again. My system is very clean, not sure what is causing this.

This is TLD, when it drops to 30fps


This is TLD, when it works as expected: notice it only never uses above around 60% GPU, even CPU is not across the board, one core has more load than the rest2.thumb.JPG.eafb878e1e699925c7f60361b0f11564.JPG

Here is a test run of smooth gameplay 120fps - 165fps (my cap - max I've set for my monitor will output). CPU usage although still not evenly distributed, it's higher usage is spread to all the physical cores at higher levels, and GPU is @ near max.


Might be taking a break for a while, I don't really want to.


Edit: I need to add that I've also made sure power management for CPU min/max is at 100%, tested disabling speedstep and C-states in BIOS, and and setting tld.exe while running to highest priority.

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Tested it on my HTPC, looks like the issue followed. My HTPC runs on an Intel 4690k, 16GB RAM, GTX 970, and an Intel 730 SSD. I tested a new sandbox in my main PC, still the same issue.


I've ran Killing Floor 2, Payday 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division, CS:GO, and a couple of others games and they play 90fps - 165fps @ 1440P @ Ultra preset with no CPU and GPU degradation.

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