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  1. EB, I understand, funny though I also found that I had to alt + tab after location transitions when I had the problem. I’ll also add my reddit post here which contained more technical description, testing, and resolution of my issue.
  2. What's your CPU? I was sceptical that it wouldn't work for me but I felt like I'd exhausted most of my options. Just to give an indication, this isn't a unique incident. This is just one search filter: I wouldn't even mention it, let alone try it but as I said, I was out of options.
  3. Actually. When I had major issues before I disabled SpeedStep, while TLD was experiencing major issues as I described below, the rest of my games were "fine". What I noticed after I made this change with disabling SpeedStep was that the rest of my games weren't "fine". Even before the change the FPS and CPU/CPU utliziation on these games are high, once I made the change all my other games became buttery smooth. So it made me realise that this setting fixed a minor issue for me that I hadn't realised. Frametime issues perhaps, but barely noticeable. Only when after I made the change suddenly these games were buttery smooth. It could be. As much as I hate Windows 10, it's my preferred gaming platform. These God damn updates keep messing up my rig, even in a minute way it bothers me since I've got a high powered PC.
  4. My issues have been resolved. I rebuilt and reinstalled the OS, Windows 10. Reinstalled and made sure my drivers were up to date. Not even a fresh, clean, and updated driver install fixed it. I tried to look into something that I would never suspect, my CPU. After some research I decided to try a fix from fellow 6-core owners: Disable Speedstep. It worked. This game needs to be optimised a bit better. Even now that the game is fixed and running well for me, the performance scale is subpar. My GPU usage maxes out at 50% while I can only see 2 threads using any more than 30% usage in the CPU department with the rest ranging from 5% to 20%. It’s nearly 2018, not 2008. At least start with enabling 64bit execution.
  5. I have a similar issue except my performance drops when going in between regions and loading indoors/outdoors. Hopefully the next update does cater for modern hardware.
  6. Tested it on my HTPC, looks like the issue followed. My HTPC runs on an Intel 4690k, 16GB RAM, GTX 970, and an Intel 730 SSD. I tested a new sandbox in my main PC, still the same issue. I've ran Killing Floor 2, Payday 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division, CS:GO, and a couple of others games and they play 90fps - 165fps @ 1440P @ Ultra preset with no CPU and GPU degradation.
  7. Game has been running great until right after Windows 10 Falls Creators Update took place. Before, I get about 90 - 122fps (122fps seems to be a hard capped framerate, I don't know why....). I also get the well known microstutter which I think I read somewhere is caused by the ankle/wrist sprain RNG which makes sense since whenever I get a sprain of some sort it always stutters hard bery briefly). Anyway, my main problem is really odd. Since the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update I get a few minutes of 30fps then another few minutes of the usual performance (90-120fps). I've tried decreasing settings to the lowest and the fps is still 30fps when it happens. What I've noticed however, is that my CPU utliziation goes really low, nearly flat lines. This is when the performance drops. Then without no changes, I can see CPU usage go back up then the fps behaves and it's a super smooth 90 - 122fps again. This behaviour is definitely attributed to the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update as I've been playing quite happily since buying the game until then, currently on around Day 190. I can confirm also that other games play very smooth with both CPU and GPU utilization high. Rainbow Six Siege is around 60% CPU Utilization and 100% GPU Utilization while TLD is about 5% CPU Utilization and less than 50% GPU Utilization. I've tried disabling Intel Speedstep in BIOS and C states in CPU power management, no luck. My Power Profile as always have Processor min/max at 100%. I've even sent tld.exe to highest CPU priority. I've gone through the verify integrity of the cache files process also. One thing I want to do next is to completely uninstall the game and re-install. I'm placing a big trust on Steam Cloud saves here, I don't want to lose my 190 Day run. I'll post a log file when I get the chance to test again. My specification are as follows: Motherboard ASUS X99-AII CPU: Intel 6850K Memory: Kingston HyperX 4x8GB Graphics card: Titan X Pascal Storage 2x 950Pro M.2 SSD 512GB Power supply: Seasonic 1050W OS: Windows 10 Home Pro 64Bit Update: I did the following just now and re-tested. I'm pretty confident that the Fall Update has wrecked this game for me. Because I've played two other games, Rainbow Six Siege and Titanfall 2, both are buttery smooth and CPU utilization and even GPU usage is well balanced. I've uninstalled TLD. Updated BIOS. Updated audio (Realtek), LAN, and re-moved my NVidia (DDU) drivers and re-installed again. My system is very clean, not sure what is causing this. This is TLD, when it drops to 30fps This is TLD, when it works as expected: notice it only never uses above around 60% GPU, even CPU is not across the board, one core has more load than the rest Here is a test run of smooth gameplay 120fps - 165fps (my cap - max I've set for my monitor will output). CPU usage although still not evenly distributed, it's higher usage is spread to all the physical cores at higher levels, and GPU is @ near max. Might be taking a break for a while, I don't really want to. output_log.txt Edit: I need to add that I've also made sure power management for CPU min/max is at 100%, tested disabling speedstep and C-states in BIOS, and and setting tld.exe while running to highest priority.
  8. I'd like to provide an update on this and point out some minor testing and observations I've noticed which I thought was interesting. Observation 1: There must be a function in programming that exits the area in question and quitting the game that is shared that is causing the long load. In my case, if the problem is going from ML office to outdoors, if I quit the game from inside the ML office, the load of exiting the office is also reflected on when I esc > quit to main menu. However, when I quit from other internal structures within ML or other regions, as well as outside the region, then the transition is instantaneous. So I think the function that initiates the exiting of an internal structure and quitting from that same structure, the function causing the long load is there and shared. Observation 2: Sticks or asset counts. I have actively stopped collecting sticks and started to ramp up on my snow melting and water boiling. In doing so I've purposely started to deliberately use up my sticks first. In doing so, maybe 20 days worth of in-game time, the loading issue from ML officeto external has actually progressively reduced!!! So when the problem was at it's peak, the load time from ML office > external was in the 15 - 20 second range. As of today, I've managed to drop it down to 3 - 4 seconds!!! Big difference. Now I don't know whether it is the reduction in sticks or a reduction in total asset. It could be the sticks only or both. As I make long fires my standard asset count is slowly balancing out the stick burning, ie. as I get rid of 40 sticks a day, I would add say another 10 bottles of 1L bottle as well as maybe 8 - 10 pieces of charcoal, along with general loot increase, ie. guts, hide, and other misc. loot I gather. Anyway, this is a workaround I've been able to apply for now. Thank you for reading, I hope the devs can use this information to point them to the right direction.
  9. I found a few more Steam threads about this, it seems Support actually knows of the issue considering it's been raised 14 months ago. Just to help narrow down, I did some more tests of the behaviour of the issue: It appears only isolated to the area obviously, but not the entire region. For example, I am currently in ML, when I exit the office which contains a fair few loot, it's extremely slow, but when I enter, it's intantaneous When I enter a different structure (that also requires a loading screen) within ML and outside of ML (I was testing FM last night), it's also intantaneous. When I leave another structure that I have not set up base in, in ML (I tested in one of the lake cabins) and also outside of ML (FM), it is also intantaneous. It's interesting that the gradual loading time happens when you are leaving the area, ie. lots of loot indoors, but going out of it takes ages. Same thing for some of the posters in Steam above, they have many campfires and sticks outdoors, so when they go indoors (and leave outdoors), it happens, the entire region is affected. In my case though, it's only the office that is affected. Hopefully that has shed more light, but it is definitely looking like loot in this case. I definitely have a lot of sticks in the office I'll lay off this for now, unless I'm asked to do further testing. Thank you for your time. Edit 2: I just scanned all 20 pages in the Open Issues in the Public Bug Database and could not find a similar issue. I'll get the ball rolling with this one and create one.
  10. Hah! Never bothered to check that. I'd be more widespread if that was the case though, maybe I have a corrupt save from the beginning.
  11. Hi JAFO. I would usually agree with a memory leak however these are the reasons why I don't think this is a memory leak, despite the fact that the JobTempAlloc errors in the log file: A memory leak usually isn't evident from a fresh session, I shut down my computer most nights and when I play a game it's usually from a fresh Windows session, there isn't a way that memory allocation from this game is being reserved after every shut down/reboot (sleep or hibernation are always disabled on my systems) A memory leak will mean the issue will not be visibly evident from a fresh session, but will mean it will progressively and noticeably get worse only for the same session, and the rate of degredation will varr. The fact that the degredation is immediately evident after a fresh session means it is local to the game or file. The fact that the issue is transferrable between saves indicates that it is somewhere in the game files or save file There seems to be a few topics relating to the JobTempAlloc errors in my logs: I did a count of current load time, as I said previously this was instantaneous on first play. Currently, transition is 10 seconds and increasing. It's a bit of an inconvenience though how there are no timestamps on these logs, I agree. Trying to see if I can pick a pattern here: Here are 6 records of unused assets and unused serialized files entries in the log. What I've done is grabbed the top 3 and bottom 3 for each Unloading 23537 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 53636. Total: 72.386459 ms (FindLiveObjects: 2.531277 ms CreateObjectMapping: 2.806620 ms MarkObjects: 62.372852 ms DeleteObjects: 4.675140 ms) Unloading 1142 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 83343. Total: 98.126755 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.791938 ms CreateObjectMapping: 2.206725 ms MarkObjects: 91.008232 ms DeleteObjects: 1.119291 ms) Unloading 644 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 80637. Total: 102.491280 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.471084 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.628448 ms MarkObjects: 96.310287 ms DeleteObjects: 1.080891 ms) Unloading 678 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 85070. Total: 378.919647 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.779707 ms CreateObjectMapping: 3.874712 ms MarkObjects: 370.702606 ms DeleteObjects: 0.562063 ms) Unloading 333 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 81167. Total: 378.089081 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.621555 ms CreateObjectMapping: 1.928822 ms MarkObjects: 371.711823 ms DeleteObjects: 0.826313 ms) Unloading 641 unused Assets to reduce memory usage. Loaded Objects now: 84165. Total: 382.877716 ms (FindLiveObjects: 3.775156 ms CreateObjectMapping: 4.571318 ms MarkObjects: 374.179932 ms DeleteObjects: 0.350152 ms) Unloading 6 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 3.428986 ms Unloading 20 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 13.429508 ms Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 7340.908203 ms Unloading 20 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 2.626282 ms Profiler is not supported in this build Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 11571.276367 ms Unloading 5 Unused Serialized files (Serialized files now loaded: 0) UnloadTime: 2.982692 ms Profiler is not supported in this build I'll do some further research from the other forums if JobTempAlloc is actually related to this or not. One thing I have been meaning to log/report is that I get micro-stutter on my game ever 60 seconds or so. It's not game breaking for me, but this loading transition that is progressively getting worse could be game breaking, inevitable over time. I've also ran another Verify Integrity via Steam last night including disabling of Steam Sync, as well as disabled Steam overlay but no changes, issue is still evident. Thank you for reading.
  12. Thanks for that, it's my trade. And I have a habit also of keeping optimum/bloat-free systems at work and at home. I'll have a look at the logs and see if I find something, I'll also try disabling Steam sync (I've never looked into it). I appreciate your effort and time, so all good. I might try a new save game also, even though I'm holding onto this save dearly due to being new and only last week being beaten so easily in Voyager, but now into day 78 and the learning process has been fantastic. Edit: Uploaded my output.log file output_log.txt
  13. My apologies, specs are as follows: (I play on my HTPC in my lounge at 1080 on a big screen as well as my gaming PC in a different room and verify this behavior is consistent between the same save - Steam Sync) Gaming PC: Motherboard ASUS X99-AII CPU: Intel 6850K Memory: Kingston HyperX 4x8GB Graphics card: Titan X Pascal Storage 2x 950Pro M.2 SSD 512GB Power supply: Seasonic 1050W OS: Windows 10 Home Pro 64Bit HTPC: Motherboard: ASUS Z97-C CPU: Intel 4690K Memory: Kingston HyperX 2x8GB Graphics card: Gibabyte G1 Gaming GTX 970 Storage: Intel 730 480GB Power supply: Corsair 750W OS: Windows 10 Home Pro It could definitely be the loot, doesn't make sense that load is progressively getting longer going from the camp office to outdoor though, however going from outdoor to the inside of camp office in ML is instantaneous (that's where all my loot is). I do have stored food outdoors though also. Pics below, I don't think it's too excessive. Even as I reduce food lesser than the screenshots below, load times going indoors to outdoor is progressively getting longer, to the point where I am waiting for it to "Not Responding". Edit: I've done a Verify Integrity of Game Files... via Steam also. Edit 2: Another noticeable behavior is the equal degradation of the time it quits the game. Escape > quit was also instantaneous when first played, but as play through progresses, just like the increased time for going indoors > outdoors, the time it takes to quit to the main menu is also increasing significantly.
  14. My apologies for the bump, first time poster, recent player, loving this game so much. I'm experiencing this same problem, same as this: