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  1. EB, I understand, funny though I also found that I had to alt + tab after location transitions when I had the problem. I’ll also add my reddit post here which contained more technical description, testing, and resolution of my issue.
  2. What's your CPU? I was sceptical that it wouldn't work for me but I felt like I'd exhausted most of my options. Just to give an indication, this isn't a unique incident. This is just one search filter: I wouldn't even mention it, let alone try it but as I said, I was out of options.
  3. Actually. When I had major issues before I disabled SpeedStep, while TLD was experiencing major issues as I described below, the rest of my games were "fine". What I noticed after I made this change with disabling SpeedStep was that the rest of my games weren't "fine". Even before the change the FPS and CPU/CPU utliziation on these games are high, once I made the change all my other games became buttery smooth. So it made me realise that this setting fixed a minor issue for me that I hadn't realised. Frametime issues perhaps, but barely noticeable. Only when after I made the change suddenly th
  4. My issues have been resolved. I rebuilt and reinstalled the OS, Windows 10. Reinstalled and made sure my drivers were up to date. Not even a fresh, clean, and updated driver install fixed it. I tried to look into something that I would never suspect, my CPU. After some research I decided to try a fix from fellow 6-core owners: Disable Speedstep. It worked. This game needs to be optimised a bit better. Even now that the game is fixed and running well for me, the performance scale is subpar. My GPU usage maxes out at 50% while I can only see 2 threads using any more than 30% usage in the CP
  5. I have a similar issue except my performance drops when going in between regions and loading indoors/outdoors. Hopefully the next update does cater for modern hardware.
  6. Tested it on my HTPC, looks like the issue followed. My HTPC runs on an Intel 4690k, 16GB RAM, GTX 970, and an Intel 730 SSD. I tested a new sandbox in my main PC, still the same issue. I've ran Killing Floor 2, Payday 2, Rainbow 6 Siege, The Division, CS:GO, and a couple of others games and they play 90fps - 165fps @ 1440P @ Ultra preset with no CPU and GPU degradation.
  7. Game has been running great until right after Windows 10 Falls Creators Update took place. Before, I get about 90 - 122fps (122fps seems to be a hard capped framerate, I don't know why....). I also get the well known microstutter which I think I read somewhere is caused by the ankle/wrist sprain RNG which makes sense since whenever I get a sprain of some sort it always stutters hard bery briefly). Anyway, my main problem is really odd. Since the Windows 10 Falls Creator Update I get a few minutes of 30fps then another few minutes of the usual performance (90-120fps). I've tried decreasin
  8. I'd like to provide an update on this and point out some minor testing and observations I've noticed which I thought was interesting. Observation 1: There must be a function in programming that exits the area in question and quitting the game that is shared that is causing the long load. In my case, if the problem is going from ML office to outdoors, if I quit the game from inside the ML office, the load of exiting the office is also reflected on when I esc > quit to main menu. However, when I quit from other internal structures within ML or other regions, as well as outside the r
  9. I found a few more Steam threads about this, it seems Support actually knows of the issue considering it's been raised 14 months ago. Just to help narrow down, I did some more tests of the behaviour of the issue: It appears only isolated to the area obviously, but not the entire region. For example, I am currently in ML, when I exit the office which contains a fair few loot, it's extremely slow, but when I enter, it's intantaneous When I enter a different structure (that also requires a loading screen) w
  10. Hah! Never bothered to check that. I'd be more widespread if that was the case though, maybe I have a corrupt save from the beginning.
  11. Hi JAFO. I would usually agree with a memory leak however these are the reasons why I don't think this is a memory leak, despite the fact that the JobTempAlloc errors in the log file: A memory leak usually isn't evident from a fresh session, I shut down my computer most nights and when I play a game it's usually from a fresh Windows session, there isn't a way that memory allocation from this game is being reserved after every shut down/reboot (sleep or hibernation are always disabled on my systems) A memory leak will mean the issue will not be visibly evident from a fresh session,
  12. Thanks for that, it's my trade. And I have a habit also of keeping optimum/bloat-free systems at work and at home. I'll have a look at the logs and see if I find something, I'll also try disabling Steam sync (I've never looked into it). I appreciate your effort and time, so all good. I might try a new save game also, even though I'm holding onto this save dearly due to being new and only last week being beaten so easily in Voyager, but now into day 78 and the learning process has been fantastic. Edit: Uploaded my output.log file output_log.txt
  13. My apologies, specs are as follows: (I play on my HTPC in my lounge at 1080 on a big screen as well as my gaming PC in a different room and verify this behavior is consistent between the same save - Steam Sync) Gaming PC: Motherboard ASUS X99-AII CPU: Intel 6850K Memory: Kingston HyperX 4x8GB Graphics card: Titan X Pascal Storage 2x 950Pro M.2 SSD 512GB Power supply: Seasonic 1050W OS: Windows 10 Home Pro 64Bit HTPC: Motherboard: ASUS Z97-C CPU: Intel 4690K Memory: Kingston HyperX 2x8GB Graphics card: Gibabyte G1 G
  14. My apologies for the bump, first time poster, recent player, loving this game so much. I'm experiencing this same problem, same as this: