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21 hours ago, Marmo said:

Hello there,

Despite several hard and soft resets and a reinstall the Xbox version is still stuck on v.31946. Any help given would be greatly appreciated.



Same issue here. I have a feeling that we didn't take the update on release, and that Hinderland realised that some elements of the update hadn't worked as intended, so they just stopped pushing the update. Which is why some have it and some don't. The game doesn't use multiplayer, so version incompatibility isn't an issue. 

However, I know people who are still encountering these issues even after updating, so I would just hold tight until it's all sorted out. Very annoying, I know. But I will be sorted out in time, I can promise you that. 

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Glad in away that I'm not the only one with this issue. I only brought this game on Friday, and have been told that it should have an up date. I've checked the build and it's still the old version. I have also restarted, power cycled and reinstalled game but with no joy. Ive been told that there is a possibility that I could lose all game progress if I carry on playing, is this true?? If so I would appreciate an ETA on a fix, as I have clearly brought something that doesn't work. I would except this problem if the game was in preview program or a beta, but I've brought this game under the impression that it was a finished game? 

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