Crashed in Survival mode. Save disappeared. (PS4)


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I had a 17 day  stalker survival game going. I shot a deer and as I was walking over to it the game crashed.

I'm (sadly) used to the crashes and made sure to save properly,  but this time the save disappeared. My other survival games are still there and I can see my stalker save in my psn+ uploaded saves, it's just that the game doesn't seem to recognize it!

This has REALLY put damper on even playing again as it'll probably happen again.

is there some fix to get the game to recognize the saves? Is there a bug fix being worked on?


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5 minutes ago, stan_marsh said:

Yes, game is broke on PS4 atm.

Devs are on vacation or something. Don't buy this devs games Day 1.

Spoke to a close friend too and this studio doesn't have a good rep among devs....


Report here and hope that the devs start caring sometime soon:

Is there a special way to long on there? My current account doesn't work oddly.

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