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  1. @Patrick Carlson @Mel Guille @Raphael van Lierop Hello? Fix?
  2. Don't buy this game on PS4. Save games are broken . Save your money.
  3. That makes 12 days since Aug 1 launch that this game doesn't keep saves.
  4. Oh, look. Another one. Please report here and hope they fix it someday. @Patrick Carlson @Mel Guille @Raphael van Lierop I'll keep tagging until you fix this
  5. @Mel Guille @Raphael van Lierop @Patrick Carlson Fix, please?
  6. @Mel Guille @Raphael van Lierop @Patrick Carlson Fix, please?
  7. What do I do after save loss? I don't play anymore. Simple. There are other games that work that I can spend my time on. What do I do with this game now that I paid 46.99CAD of my hard earned money for? Wait until they fix it and make sure none of my friends or anyone I know buys this broken game. @Mel Guille @Patrick Carlson @Raphael van Lierop You want to fix your game, please?
  8. I'm let down that my saves are disappearing on PS4 even after last update Aug 11.
  9. @Mel Guille @Patrick Carlson @Raphael van Lierop
  10. Save your money if you haven't bought this on PS4! Please google and research all the issues with this game right now on PS4.
  11. stan_marsh

    Manual save

    Pretty much, mini No Man's Sky situation. At least you can save and load games on launch with Bethesda games lol This game breaks saves every update.
  12. Broken game released on consoles, simple as that. No console testing and excuses upon excuse. Game saves are still broken after seven patches or so? What a joke. Yea speaks for itself. Irresponsible developer, the bad reputation they have among the industry is rightfully so.