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Hi, first time player here on Playstation 4.
So, I was about halfway or so through the second episode when my game crashed. Now I know many of us on PS4 are having these crash issues, and I am no different. This crash was one of dozens since I started playing last night.
But this time when I try to reload the game, there was no more option to "Resume." Only "New."
In a slight panic, I check my storage on both the cloud and my hard drive. The cloud storage didn't have any data in it for The Long Dark (which I thought was odd because as PS Plus member, all of my games' save data is set to auto upload to the cloud as well as my HDD). However, the HDD storage showed my "Story 1" file with the proper date and timestamp of my last save in game before the crash.
To make a long story short, I uploaded the save file to the cloud and power cycled my PS4. I then reinstalled the game + did another power cycle when all of that didn't work. Needless to say, I still can't get the "Resume" option to pop up. 
Any ideas for what's going on or a possible fix? My guess is the save file is corrupted as a result of the game crashing? I'm really bummed as I was looking forward to finishing up both episodes. I already have about 10 hours put into it.
Thanks in advance.

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