Any plans on optimizing wintermute ?


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I've got this problem where Wintermute crashes when loading it , a person with the same problem told me the support had informed him that it was because 4GB RAM wich is what my laptop has, isn't enough to run it . It just seems weird to me that i can play sandbox on decent graphic settings , but not Wintermute on the worst quality, lowest resolution possible. I know that there are cutscenes and stuff but still .

On the patch notes that Raphael has left , it says: ''Memory optimizations to reduce chance of crashing'' , but it seems i still can't play wintermute . I was just wondering if with a little more optimization to the cutscenes, or some sort of option to reduce their quality or just simply skip them , i could play it ? If not i'll just settle with watching it on youtube , and just enjoy the sandbox mode as i always have.

Thanks =)

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