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Okay, so I love the story mode so far, it's awesome, I am a bit frustrated with the fact that I have to find 10,000 bloody calories for this old woman "Grey Mother", it is already hard enough to stay fed myself with the scarcity of food, much less feed her 10,000 calories of non existent food. I am frustrated and I have now quit and start over again and am in the same predicament. Is there a difficulty setting I missed somewhere? I just want to move along with the story and get this mean old hag fed and warm enough to where she's all snuggly while I'm freezing my ever loving n--s off!! Thank you guys I have always loved your game, and am thrilled about story mode, but so far it seems harder then anything I've tried yet in sandbox mode. I can't even imagine what the new players are going through lmao 

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