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My first wish is that The Grey Mother's hatchet start at a fixed higher condition like the prybar you find nearby.

The prybar seems to be a static 100 condition. In the video playthrough I watched I could have sworn the hatchet in his playthrough was at like 83 condition.

The one behind her house on MY playthrough was 64. Since I hear whetstones are also darned hard to come by in Episode 1, having a lower condition hatchet is sort of a low blow...

Obviously this is all moot if "additional tools added to Milton" from Patch 2 added additional hatchets, hunting knives, and whetstones.

I don't yet know if that is the case because I literally just walked in Grey Mother's door and then got the hatchet and went, "Awwwwh."

So I apologize in advance if this was an unnecessary request. ;)

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I wish to add a request for some cattail stalks in Milton. There is not one cattail in all of Milton and surrounding farms...

I walked the WHOLE waterway from the main town bridge, including the branch off....not one stalk....WHY GOD WHY?!

Update: I sort of found some cattails in Milton. They weren't on the river though...

Behind Grey Mother's house is a path that looks like it goes up into the mountains....follow that path, it was a goldmine.

There is a clearing at the top with about 15 cattails, two bunnies complete with rocks, a dead deer with 4kilos of meat, about 6 rosehip plants, some old man's beard, and sticks....

ALSO, there is a little path off the way goes to a cave with about 6 pieces of coal, the other goes to a radio tower that has a supply crate under it with like 8 things in it...also by the tower I found a dead guy with some pork n beans next to him. I forget what he had on him, but I looted it, lol!;)

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