Loving TLD Story mode - first post!


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I have been looking forward to story mode for months after many hours of playing the sandbox mode and I have to say I am very pleased with what I have experienced so far!

The characters are believable and interesting and the gameplay is fun and rewarding. I did have the 'rosehip tea issue' which turned out to be a new mechanic of the game that I had to look up, but once you know how to do it it's a piece of cake (or cup of tea!). Initially I also died a few times from exhaustion as I could not work out how to sleep without a bedroll, but eventually worked out how to get some z's in a car with a fire burning under the bonnet! Might be worth adding a helpful hint about that for the newbies :). I really like the idea of using rocks to concuss bunnies for food. Takes some practice, but rewarding when you achieve a hit. The first time I didn't pick him up straight away so he just hopped into the distance! Blasted bunnies!

I like the threat of the wolves and how they can sneak up on you. Its a strange feeling walking around town trying to listen out for the distant growl of a predator so it doesn't eat you up! I did however find an issue. I located a flare in the church and after going up to the wolf outside which was munching on a carcass I lit the flare and threw it at the wolf. It just stood there and growled and ran at me! Not sure if thats a bug or not or maybe it was just a really tough hungry wolf! :)

I'm still in Milton at the moment searching for the caches and obeying Grey Mother. Looking forward to what is to come and whats further up the road. I wonder if I can concuss her with a stone and borrow that gun ^^. Keep up the good work Hinterland! Cheers.

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