Where is the Pork in the Beans???


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Since the new update of "The Long Dark" was out there was a lot of new changes to the game which included new textures!
I love the new look and nice touches to each unique item i picked up but I noticed that some if not all of the food items have ingredients at the back of them.

The Pork & Beans had caught my eye on this subject and when picking the item up the text reads out "Pork and Beans"
When looking at the front of the can the picture shows and says Beans.
I turn the can around to look at the ingredients on whats inside the can and found that there was no Pork inside.

Even the description says that there is some pork inside it as it reads....."Beans in molasses, with bits of what looks like pork"

Is this a Text error or just that they ran out of Pork in Canada?

Just wanted to point out OuO

Where is the PORK!?.png

Where is the PORK!? (Front).png

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