lost a key from the bank and trad fr problem


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i have found a key in the bank ( wich open the director s  house ) before i talk with old grey.

i exit from the bank and near the dear carcass a wolf jump on my throat and ..i die :( 

i reload ( last save not last check point) i was just outside the bank  and few hours after that i try to enter in a home, the door was lock and need a key. 

i go back in the bank the director's desk drawer was already search and no key.


and in french when we open a door it s writen" fermer la porte" ( close the door ) and when we close a door it s "ouvrir la porte" ( open the door ) 

and all the dialogue with old grey and not translate ( yet ?) 


Thanks for this game i love the story !!! i love that game



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