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Hi All,

I am an OG - Original GirlGeekGamer  (is that OGGG?)   :)   Live in Colorado, USA and I love The Long Dark entirely.

Been playing this for years, first a very early copy that was given to me on a flashdrive from a buddy and then paid version on the PC and also paid version on the Xbox One.  It is strictly my favorite game now!  Utter beauty - completely brutal environment - what's not to love?  :D

I am a former software developer, SQL programmer, Web Developer for major corporations.  Burned out on the corporate thing and started my own business 16 years ago and never looked back.   So yay for entrepreneurship!  I have 4 kids and I rebelliously raise chickens and grow my own food here in the middle of the city.   This game really touches people from all over and all situations, doesn't it?

How many of us played over 300 baud modems and dialed into local BBSes before this amazing 'net?   :)

I'm active on the Steam The Long Dark forum - as 'em' but look forward to hanging out here a bit.  This seems to be a busier place.  

I love that the Hinterland devs listen and just keep steadily putting out high quality work that gets better and better.   

At the moment in the game I'm fat and full and way too comfortable - lingering too long at Jackrabbit Island to fish and cook up meat overlooking the beautiful waves of the coastline.  We all know that can't last but when you're in luxury in this game, even for a moment, you really treasure it!

:>   earthmom


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